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A galvanizing presence whose prodigious talents earned him Hollywood's highest acting accolades, but whose mercurial – and occasionally violent – temperament put him in hot water publicly, actor Russell Crowe ultimately built a reputation as an A-list leading man, whose electric performances well overshadowed his so-called bad boy nature. With an intense breakout performance as a racist skinhead in the Australian-made Romper Stomper (1992), Crowe established himself as an actor on the rise. His standout performance in 1999's Insider earned him his first nomination for Best Actor. Crowe proved his performance as a leading man wasn't a fluke by racking up two more Best Actor Nominations for each of the next two years (2000 - Winner for Best Actor - Gladiator) and (2001 Nomination for Best Actor - A Beautiful Mind). Since then, Crowe has continued to wow audiences with performances such as Jim Braddock (2005's Cinderella Man), Ben Wade (2007's 3:10 to Yuma) and even Robin Hood himself (2010's Robin Hood). Click here to read more about Russell Crowe.

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