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* I just started your book yesterday and am nearly halfway through it. I absolutely love it so far! The storyline is very interesting. I love Native Americans, and your descriptions are wonderful. It is truly a great book. I am excited to finish it and I hope you write more because I love what you have written so far! Keep me updated on anything else with your book(s).
Christine L ( Fredericksburg, Va.)

* ......your very poetic, informative, and beautiful book......
Heartie L. (Tarrytown, NY)

* I finished your book, it took me a while because I read 6 others (book club) in the middle. But I loved the story and how you intermingled the characters and really brought them to life. What a talent you are!
Carole M ( Warrenton, Va)

* Thank you so much for my autographed copy of your book! I just started it and am really enjoying it :)
Matthew L ( Grove City College)

* Congratulations Pam! I read the book this summer and really enjoyed it. I was impressed by your knowledge of the area and its history. Great job!
Sue C ( Fairfax, Va.)

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