links - The Thomas Cole National Historic Site ( mentioned in the introduction of book). Take the interactive tour to find the painting that contains the image of the Van Vechten Dutch Homestead ( mentioned in the book). What painting is it? The Van Vechten homestead still stands today, located on Snake Road in Catskill, NY. It is privately owned and meticously cared for. A beauty! - An all-time favorite spot of the author. A pre-release party was held in August on the front steps of Olana. The view of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains never fails to inspire. - We must join in the effort to protect the integrity of the Hudson River. A percentage of proceeds of the book will be donated to Riverkeeper. You can help by making a small donation because the river belongs to all of us! - Sunnyside, home of Washington Irving ( Historic Hudson). Get an intimate glance into the life of one of America’s most renowned writers, who lived in this riverside cottage in the mid-19th century.

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