Author and educator Pamela De Leon, a native of Catskill, NY, loves to travel and dedicates much time to the study of history of the Hudson Valley. She holds a bachelor's degree in Languages and History from Georgetown University and was awarded a master's degree from George Mason University. After living in the Washington D.C. area for many years, on a summer's day in 1997 she traveled back to the Hudson Valley to visit her maternal grandmother.

"As I was crossing the Rip Van Winkle Bridge with the glory of the Catskill Mountains rising before me, I realized there was really no other place for me. The beauty of the mountains and the river grabbed at my heart and soul. There was no turning back after that."

She then began to formulate her plans for the future.


"In 2005, with my children out of the nest, I moved back home to my roots in search of adventure, and to write my novel of historical fiction on the valley.  I relied on giving classes to carry me through to the time when I might conceive of a withdrawal from the grind of ten hour (or more) days filled with lesson plans, teaching, disciplining, meetings, grading, increasing challenges and fewer rewards and much more to stay at home, enjoy a fire in the chimney in the winter, snowy days, a beautiful autumn, spring and summer and be a full time author and shepardess, preferably in Durham- a charming countryside that offers a rural existence. I was not looking for riches, only to fulfill a personal dream and a comfortable lifestyle."


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